Victims of Dog Bites in the State of Florida

Florida law has several ways dog-bite victims can receive compensation and justice for their injuries. They can pursue action from the dog-bite laws and/or negligence laws. There are also special circumstances that apply to children and property with a landlord.

Humans are not the only ones helped by Florida law in cases involving dog bites. Your domestic or livestock animal is also mentioned in these laws, so don’t think you couldn’t pursue legal action for those types of bites.

Some things to consider in a Florida dog-bite case:

  • Was there any signage on the property about the dog being dangerous?
  • Was the dog properly confined?
  • Was there a landlord overseeing the property?
  • Was it a child or adult that was bitten?
  • Has the dog bitten before?

The Law Offices of Christopher Smith can discuss the circumstances of your case with you and help you decide what legal action you might pursue to collect lost wages, medical expenses, and damages for pain and suffering.

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