Benefits of Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse…or Other Disaster Situations

Some rights reserved by Vibrant SpiritZombies are all the rage in popular culture. Then there are other doomsday scenarios like nuclear war, global warming, disease, aliens, etc… No matter which of these you believe, or even if you don’t believe, it never hurts to be prepared for disaster. This is especially true for us in Florida, as even something as believable as a hurricane could wipe out modern conveniences at least for a little while.

It’s always handy to have some extra water on hand. Canned goods are also appropriate, along with a well-stocked first aid kit. Flashlights, batteries, and battery-powered radios are also good ideas. A full tank of gas and some properly stored filled gas cans are good too. Try to stock up on medicines you regularly take, though this can be challenging depending on the medicine and your insurance plan.  And don’t forget cash. If the power is out, so are the ATMS. Thus, have a good supply of cash on hand or stored in a safe place you can get to quickly.

In addition, don’t forget that some of the supplies listed above can expire. Regularly check expiration dates and make sure the supplies are still good regularly.

Please note that while we are suggesting preparedness, we aren’t suggesting going overboard. It’s important to be rational about the supplies you collect. It is never advisable to keep too much cash on hand because of fire or robbery. Be safe about storing your cash.

However, being prepared for these types of disaster should not overshadow being prepared for other common life disasters…like illness, incapacitation, or death. Those are also very real disasters that many would say are more likely to happen than the ones we listed above.

For instance, having good disability insurance is advisable for many. Some insurance professionals say it could be more important to have good disability insurance over good life insurance. Becoming disabled without resources can be a true disaster. Therefore, checking out affordable disability insurance with a qualified insurance agent is important depending on your situation. However, that’s not to say getting proper life insurance for your situation is also not advisable. A good insurance agent can advise you on both.

Then there’s illness. Many people contract long illnesses that may not necessarily leave them disabled, but do make it unable for them to work full time at least for a while. Sometimes you are also briefly incapacitated. Having Power of Attorneys and Medical Surrogate paperwork for these times is very helpful. They allow you to pick the person you are interested in serving as your voice ahead of time, so you are not dependent on your next of kin if you do not wish them to serve as your voice.

Lastly, there’s death. We all die, mostly from natural causes and not from zombie apocalypse, and it can be a real disaster for your loved ones. So making sure your affairs are in order is of great solace when you approach the end of your life. Moreover, you don’t always know when that is, so make sure you talk with a good estate-planning attorney as soon as you have assets and heirs to leave them to. You don’t want to leave these affairs left unhandled and make your heirs deal with it while they are already dealing with their death.

As you can see, there are many types of disasters to prepare for in life.

Attorney Christopher D. Smith is a Lakewood Ranch, Florida attorney with SmithLaw Attorneys. He concentrates in bankruptcy, civil litigation, probate, estate planning, and elder exploitation cases in the Sarasota and Bradenton area. Call 941-907-4774 to learn more and to ask about our free consultations.

Image: Some rights reserved by Vibrant Spirit


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