Celebrities Who Died Without a Will

Thu, Nov 20, 2014


Some rights reserved by e³°°°Yes, even the rich and famous sometimes fail to make a will. This tends to be even more complicated than a regular person dying without a will, because celebrities usually have more money and a more complicated estate. More money = More to fight over (with or without children involved).

Some of the most famous celebrities who died without a will include singers Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. They both left behind vast estates that were contested for years. One of the problems with a singer’s estate is that they often receive royalties for years, so who does that money go to if there is no will? Those decisions are left to the courts and the rules of where the singer lived. Actors who die intestate (without a will) have estates that can receive money for TV episodes airing in syndication for years.  Authors’ estates are not immune, either:  Stieg Larsson is an author who died without a will, causing an unclear inheritance between his family and his long-time partner.

Dying without a will often leaves an estate to someone the decedent never intended to inherit it, often leaving the very person who they may have intended to inherit without a legal leg to stand on. This is so common, even for the non-famous.

Another famous person who died without a will is Abraham Lincoln. While this was a long time ago, it’s a bit shocking that someone in the legal field would not have considered the repercussions of dying without a will. Make sure you don’t become another person caught without a will, leaving your family behind to duke it out without you.

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