Dying Without a Will in Florida

Mon, Jun 3, 2013

Estate Planning, Probate

 Some rights reserved by gamillosDying without a will is called dying intestate. It is not the best way to wrap up your affairs in life.

Dying without a will in Florida leaves a lot up to chance and sometimes many people upset. Your property will not always go to the person you want it to. Your children would not always be taken care of by the person you would have chosen yourself.  You will not be able to choose your personal representative.

This is because a Florida judge will be deciding the fate of your property and children. The closest relative usually receives the bulk of the estate, usually a child or spouse. If those types of relatives were not available, it would then pass on to a sibling or a parent, and so on.

SmithLaw handles estate planning and probate cases, including will creation.  We hear many excuses for not having an updated will or even a will at all. But, most will services take limited time and can often be handled very easily. The time spent now will prevent strife in the future or at the end of your life.

Wills are not even required to be created by an attorney, so other options do exist. However, the most precise will is going to have been created by an attorney concentrating on this type of law. Attorneys like SmithLaw will also be able to help you with other types of estate planning including living wills, trusts, power of attorneys, asset protection, and more.

Attorney Christopher D. Smith is a Lakewood Ranch, Florida attorney with SmithLaw Attorneys. He concentrates in bankruptcy, probate, and elder exploitation cases in the Sarasota and Bradenton area. Call 941 907-4774 to learn more and to ask about our free consultations.

Image:   Some rights reserved by gamillos


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