What Does a Will Matter since I’ll Be Dead Already?

Sun, Feb 22, 2015

Estate Planning, Probate

Some rights reserved by Sabrina CampagnaWell, yes…you will be dead. However, your family won’t be. They’ll be left behind grieving, and you want to make that process as easy as possible. A will can help do that.

Someone who dies without a will is said to have died intestate. And this is not a good situation for those you leave behind. They won’t know what your wishes for your property actually were and they may not make the same decisions you would have. They also may not get nearly the same amount of money or property you intended them to receive, since probate will suck up some of the money and leave some of your relatives out of luck all together.

In addition, if you have minor children you really could be leaving them in a bad situation since the state will decide whom they will reside with now. They also may be left un-provided for, which was never your intention.

Writing a will does not have to be a stressful event. Even a simple will combined with some estate planning is a great way to be sure that your relatives are provided for and your estate’s potential is maximized. So even if you are dead, your relatives aren’t…and that’s why it matters if you have a will.

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Image: Some rights reserved by Sabrina Campagna


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