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Sun, Mar 20, 2016

Real Estate

2850259286_e73895d3f8_bReal estate is not dead in the Manasota, Florida area. There were times in the not-too-distant past when there were rumors that our market’s success could be coming to an end. Well, the more things change the more they stay the same. Change is constant, but our beautiful area remains a victor in the real estate market.

According to Sarasota Magazine, 2015 was our area’s busiest ever real-estate market. This includes both resales and new construction. The article goes on to talk about various interesting statistics that are of definite interest to real estate enthusiasts, homeowners, and economists. Zillow also has some interesting stats.

This upswing should bring more employment opportunities to those involved in the housing market. It also brings with it a little more competition than before for those looking to buy a house. The homes will disappear faster and you may be getting less for your money. However, you are now able to get a house in better shape more often for your money…since less are sitting so long as foreclosures or bank-owned properties. That is good news for those not looking for a fixer-upper.

So, be sure that you are up to speed on the asking prices for the area and how the process works. It’s very different than it was 10-15 years ago, and buyers have less bargaining power than 2 years ago. So be sure you are ready for a fight to get the house you want, depending on where you are buying.

As usual for our area, different seasons bring different situations—so you might have more competition now for homes suitable for winter visitors. So be sure you keep that in mind and perhaps adjust your strategy depending on the time of year.

Regardless of when you are buying a home, make sure that you are working with quality real estate professionals. This is everyone from the realtor to the inspector to the mortgage company. Another important part of the process is the closing process, which can be done with a real estate attorney.  Hiring a real estate attorney to close the transaction is sometimes preferable, especially for complicated transactions. You know you are getting competent closing assistance with the bonus of getting good advice along the way. But in case you didn’t know, a real estate attorney can help with even the simplest transactions.

SmithLaw is adding more real estate services to our repertoire, so make sure you keep us in mind for your Florida real estate needs.

Attorney Christopher D. Smith, Sr. is designated a Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer by the American Board of Certification.  SmithLaw is located in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.  Attorney Smith concentrates on bankruptcy, civil litigation, probate, family law, estate planning, real estate, and elder exploitation cases in the Sarasota and Bradenton area.  Call 941-202-2222 to learn more.  SmithLaw offers free consultations in certain areas, including consumer bankruptcy, probate, and personal injury matters.

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