Closing Cost Calculator [estimated]

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Buyer’s Closing Costs Seller’s Closing Costs
Owner’s Title Insurance Policy*: $
Lender’s Title Insurance Policy: $
Florida Form 9 Title Endorsement: $
Alta Title Endorsements (estimated): $
Title Search Fee (estimated): $
Closing Fee (estimated, excludes short sales): $
Documentary Stamp Tax on Deed: $
Documentary Stamp on mortgage: $
Intangible Tax on secured Note: $
Municipal Lien Search: $
Total : $
Potential Reissue Credit: (*see note below) $

*The Reissue Credit stated above is the amount of credit available against the owner's premium subject to the following conditions:

(1) The minimum premium shall be $100.00.

(2) Provided a previous owner’s policy was issued insuring the seller or the mortgagor in the current transaction and that both the reissuing agent and the reissuing underwriter retain for their respective files copies of the prior owner’s policy, the reissue credit is available to:

(a) Policies on real property which is unimproved except for roads, bridges, drainage facilities, and utilities if the current owner’s title has been insured prior to the application for a new policy;

(b) Policies issued with an effective date of less than 3 years after the effective date of the policy insuring the seller or mortgagor in the current transaction; or

(c) Mortgage policies issued on refinancing of property insured by an original owner’s policy which insured the title of the current mortgagor.

Any amount of new insurance, in the aggregate, in excess of the amount under the previous policy shall be computed at the original owner’s or leasehold rates.