Elder Exploitation

Elder Exploitation is the practice area that focuses on the protection of the elderly from the exploitation of third parties. Often, this involves bringing a combination of lawsuits against wrongdoers, some of whom could be family members, caretakers or scoundrels who prey on the elderly or infirm. We find that elder exploitation is far more common than reported, and unfortunately the elderly in Florida find themselves to be the constant target of exploiters. Exploitation is both a crime and a tort, and is actionable at law. We have brought suits against wrongdoers in the past to recover stolen monies and property. Often the elderly are not even aware they are a victim, and often are unaware of their rights. Sometimes the wrongdoing happens after the person has lost mental capacity; often the wrongdoing is through the abuse of a power-of-attorney or a last will and testament procured by undue influence. Timing is very important in these cases, both to protect the right to sue and also to best preserve the value of the stolen assets. If you are aware of the exploitation of a loved one, or are a victim yourself, please call us right away.

Elder Law is the general focus on the special legal needs of the elderly population. This may include estate planning, asset protection, guardianship, disability planning, gift and tax planning, long-term care and retirement planning. Elder Law is more than estate planning, however. It requires advanced income planning to ensure an applicant’s eligibility to participate in governmental programs. This is not something you should attempt on your own, as it is complex and you need qualified elder law attorneys like SmithLaw to assist you. Laws and rules change frequently, and SmithLaw will give you helpful advice and guide you to create the best plan based on current laws and limitations.

At SmithLaw, elder law attorneys are available to help you plan and prepare for the future. We are one of the few elder law firms in Florida who place heavy emphasis on elder exploitation cases, and we understand what it takes to ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy retirement without having unnecessary worry. Call us now for a consultation.