Florida Probate law is a specialized practice area involving the administration and transfer of assets according to a person’s Last Will and Testament, or, in the absence of a Will, under Florida’s laws of distribution. At SmithLaw, we have experience with Florida Probate law. Christopher Smith is a Florida Probate attorney, and will put his experience to work for you.

In the event of a death, Florida probate lawyers will need to handle the estate. We handle all aspects of the administration of an estate, including the following:

  • Notifying and satisfying creditors
  • Implementing procedures to avoid a will contest or other legal action
  • Protecting the estate’s assets
  • Evaluating strategies to minimize estate taxes
  • Preparing and filing tax returns
  • Distributing assets
  • Preparing the final accounting and releases to protect the personal representative

Sometimes lawsuits may arise as a result of actions taken by someone close to the deceased. This usually occurs because it is claimed that the decedent did not have the mental capacity to sign a Last Will and Testament, or that someone exerted undue influence over them to cause them to sign a will, or that the will was not signed and witnessed according to Florida law. We can help with these lawsuits as well.

Whether it is helping you with the distribution of an estate, or assisting you with disputing the validity of a will, SmithLaw are the Florida Probate lawyers to handle all your needs. Call us now for a free consultation. We are here to help.