Trust Administration

A trust is a convenient, flexible tool to enhance your estate planning goals, and can provide a mechanism for financial support once you are unable to manage your own affairs.

A trust can also be used to provide financial support for your designated beneficiaries after you are gone. For a trust to be effective, however, you will need a reliable and honest trustee to manage the assets and, if the trust is discretionary, to make important decisions about when and how to allocate those assets. If you are not in a position to manage your own trust or do not have a trusted family member available (and willing) to accept that responsibility, then you need to secure someone trustworthy to serve as your fiduciary.

Attorney Christopher D. Smith can serve as your trustee. Attorney Smith offers the following services in the field of trust management:

  • Discretionary Trustee Services – determining when and how to allocate trust income to beneficiaries and under what circumstances
  • General Trust Management – serving as trustee or successor trustee to oversee and manage your trust according to your stated wishes
  • Tax Compliance – securing and overseeing a tax preparer or CPA for the preparation and filing of necessary trust tax returns
  • Annual Accountings – providing transparent annual disclosures showing the trust assets, income, distributions, and expenses
  • Investment Oversight – overseeing and managing professional investment advisors concerning the investment of the trust assets and the appropriate balancing of risk

SmithLaw offers several fee structures relating to Trust services. These include fee structures based on a percentage of trust assets, fixed fees, as well as service-specific fees. Call or email us to discuss in more detail.